Media Unit (Grade 11 College Level)

I thought I would share my other unit that I completed in part 2 of the Integration of Information and Computer Technology for Instruction course.

This is for a grade 11 college level English course. It looks at advertising and media.

Media Unit


Class Craft

I came across class craft the other day. Gamification for classroom behaviour. What do you think?

We’re having debates in our department whether students would buy into this or not. We thought the grade nine applied students would, but would a grade 11 care?

I would like to try it-perhaps for a unit? Embed the ideas throughout the semester and use it for the last unit?

And what kinds of ‘rewards’ would be enticing enough? The examples provided like “eating in class” wouldn’t be enough for our school. Would students really want to try harder if they’re with a team? What about the students who refuse to work in groups, in general, what do you do with them?


The Novel Unit

I’ve come a long way from doing content quizzes with a core novel and long literary essays (because that was the thing to do) to using the text as a springboard for other ideas, critical thinking and discussion/collaboration in the classroom.

Here is a novel unit that is still a work in progress, but I thought I would share! This was my project for part 1 of the Integration of Information and Computer Technology of Instruction course.

Night by Elie Wiesel (grade 11 college level)